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Henry Noodle

was a once in a lifetime cat. A former feral turned ultimate cuddle machine, Henry taught me to slow down and huff the cat, that it wasn't less, work more life but less work, more cat because what is life without cats?

He also had the tastiest ears.



The Lady

 a lifetime creator, maker and cat owner, finds inspiration in abandoned banana peels, nostalgia, patterns in the noise, sprinkles, using every single bit of material... and cats.

Giving Back

A portion of all sales is donated to either:

The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Feline Cancer Research Fund 

which focuses on improving the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer in cats at the Center for Companion Animal Health

Trans Lifeline

 a peer support and crisis hotline 501 non-profit organization serving transgender people. It is the first transgender crisis hotline to exist in the United States as well as Canada. It is also the only suicide hotline whose operators are all transgender

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